A little about us…
Established in 1990, Process Engineering Ltd. has set the standard for innovation and creativity in the execution of both small and large projects with technical and logistical complexity in remote areas of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

From gas storage to conventional and heavy oil production to gas processing facilities, we provide strategic planning, process modeling, detailed engineering, project and construction management services, including procurement and cost control, to our Clients in the Oil & Gas industry.

Whether it's engineering, design, project management, project control, cost control or the complex language of the regulatory and permit process, we can help you get your project off the ground with the utmost competence and clarity.

Our expertise is paralleled only by the diversity of the projects we have undertaken. Building on 19 years of providing EPCM services to the biggest names in Canadian oil and gas, our combined experience and ability to provide solutions is well proven. We are capable of engineering most aspects of energy facility design within the natural gas and heavy oil industry.

In addition to conventional recovery and process solutions, environmental issues must be resolved as part of the design of any facility. One of our Clients required the installation of an amine unit at an existing 100 mmscfd gas plant. Disposal of the acid gas product from the amine unit to a below ground reservoir was not feasible. Due to the high CO2 content, flaring the gas would require a large amount of fuel gas to sustain combustion. The solution - Install an incinerator and recover the combustion heat for use in the amine regeneration process. Our Client reduced CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and reduced their overall fuel gas consumption.

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